Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wherein a regular update schedule becomes difficult to maintain

The latest comic (#7) took probably over 30 hours. The 2 before that took over 20 each. Clearly, I need to reevaluate my strategy and figure out a more efficient way of making comics. I mean, at this rate, the comic will need to be viewed 10,000 times before reaching par. I think for the next couple, at least, I will try to keep it simple. We'll chalk the past 3 comics up to an experiment in shading. I mean, I like the way it looks, it just takes too long.

By the last panel, I was pretty sick of the thing and just wanted to finish the stupid thing. That's why there is a difference in quality. I think I actually did a fairly good job with making things look shiny in the first panel, and somewhat in the second panel. I didn't even try in the last panel. The rain is made with a simple gaussian noise + motion blur.

I couldn't make any more comics until this one was finished, and I would just never want to work on this, hence the long absence. The first panel was finished a month ago (before school started)! With this roadblock out of the way, perhaps we can have another run of weekly updates.

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