Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am eating a bowl of cereal at 1:48AM I am so goddamn hungry

There's no hope left for #1, but starting with #2 I'm going to record the total project time for each comic. This one took about 7 hours in all. I thought that once all the drawing were done, it would only take like half an hour to put everything together, but it took more than an hour. I guess there is a high amount of speech text. There was also a lot of resizing and stroking (because once resized, line widths get thinner).

Starting with #2 we are also using new comic size. #1 was 750 pixels wide and I think that's not big enough. Now it feels a lot more spacious and I have more real estate to work with. I picked some special dimension because I am oh so clever.

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